3Saints – Kush Cookies – 3.5g


Species : INDICA
Brand : 3Saints
THC : 29.18 %
CBD : 0.09 %
Terpene :

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4.26% Potent, terpenes. A rare lineage of GMO Cookies X OZ Kush that delivers highly aromatic notes of savoury herbs & spicy earth, with undertones of citrus & base note of musk. Kush Cookies comes in at a heavenly 4.4% terps with a high THC range –delivering potency without sacrificing taste. The top terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and linalool. Righteously grown in the sun and rain watered; both promote better and more varied terpenes (meaning more flavour and entourage for you), as well as being a much more environmentally sustainable way of growing. Of course, the flower is hand harvested & hang dried to protect those hard-won trichomes, and given a slow, steady cure for a deeper, richer smoking experience.  What’s not to revere? Whisper that name again…” Kush Cookies.” HAIL MARY JANE.

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