Common Ground – Larry the Purple Alien 510 Thread Cartridge – 1g


Species : INDICA
Brand : Common Ground
THC : 80 %
CBD : 0.55 %
Terpene :

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Larry the Purple Alien is an indica-dominant Alien Kush and Larry OG cross from California, It smells of sweet blackberries, fresh soil, pine, with a hint of menthol. The flavour is subtle but tart, and slightly spicy – a delicate peak with a subsequent deep, earthy descent. Rich in minor cannabinoids and terpenes.With more than 90% total cannabinoid content in each cartridge, it’s a potent, full-spectrum experience coming from only pure, refined cannabis and cannabis-derived terpenes – no additives. Ideal for the discerning cannabis connoisseur who craves high potency, but looks for enhanced flavour, smell, and smoothness.

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